Awards and Testimonials





Kennisha Moffett
Kennisha Moffett CEO, Moffett Productions
Alicea has been blessed with a rare ability to use words, like a master potter uses clay. With them, she instills power, inspiration, and hope into her audience. After working with her, I’ve discovered that her work is simply an expression of her heart and the way in which she truly views the world. She is a priceless gift.
Jen Mauldin
Jen Mauldin Transition Life Coach
The dreaded task. . .that’s how I felt about updating my website until I hired Alicea. Using a skeleton of my thoughts, Alicea took choppy sentences and gaps of information and helped me create a smooth flow of information for my website. This was accomplished within two hours of painless and fun collaboration with Alicea. Alicea will be my first call when I need to update or add material to my website in the future.
Tasha Bertrand
Tasha Bertrand Stylist
I contracted with Alicea to write my website ‘About Me’ page. Her writing is engaging and concise. I was pleased that she captured the essence of me as a person and a professional. Alicea is a keen interviewer and an intuitive writer. I would definitely use her services again.
Dr. Bonnie Ory
Dr. Bonnie Ory Georgetown Veterinary Hospital
Alicea is a talented writer with the ability to interview you without the process being intimidating or overwhelming. She brings a fresh perspective to her subjects and always tells a good story!