Content Marketing Writing

So what’s all the buzz about content marketing? First, let’s define what content is. Content is anything that tells a story. That includes photos, art, videos, music and of course, the written word. When you visit a company’s website, read their blog and view their photos, you are experiencing the “content” they’ve chosen to tell their unique story.

The generally accepted description of marketing is the activities a company employs to educate or influence consumers so that they will eventually purchase the company’s product or service.  Content marketing then, is using written stories, photos, videos, music, etc. to tell the stories about and surrounding the product or brand. Content marketing along with advertising, market research, etc. comprise the overall marketing plan.

One of the major goals of content marketing is to build trust for your brand’s product or service by offering useful and interesting information. Content marketing helps to position your company as relevant, involved, and in the know. And where do people go once they’ve chosen to make a purchase? Usually they go to the expert—the company they’ve gone to previously to find answers.

So doesn’t plain old advertising do the same thing? How is showing videos and posting stories going to sell what I am offering?

Good question. There is a place for traditional advertising. But more and more, would-be customers are looking for information that will answer their questions, solve their problems and help them live better lives. It isn’t always possible to accomplish these goals in a half-page ad or a 30 second radio spot.

If you take a peek at what Ashley Brown,  Global Group Director, Digital Communications and Social Media has done at The Coca Cola Company® (  to capitalize on content marketing, you’ll get a sense of its effectiveness. On The Coca Cola company’s site,  you’ll find not only content about the company, but you’ll also discover interesting and valuable information on subjects such as food trends, sports and art; like the Andy Warhol Coca Cola painting that auctioned for $57.3 million! In essence, The Coca Cola Company has created their own digital magazine using stories, photos, videos etc. as a highly successful part of their marketing program.

Content marketing is effective not only for companies who can maintain their own digital magazine, but also for smaller companies who use blogs and other social media.

Savvy business leaders know that the best way to “get” is to “give.” Content marketing does just that. It gives potential customers information (not advertisements) that they can use. In so doing, you become the “go-to” expert that people remember when searching for the products and services you offer.

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