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Veta– She was only five when she was taken. Her parents just wanted the best for her, so they let her go. They didn’t know that the man wearing the Panama hat in the green convertible had lied and would never bring their daughter back. Read about her and a surprise letter from Greece in “Sousanna, The Best of My Children.”Genuinely, Georgetown

Meddy– She had the money. She had the desire. However, getting to America through the Sudan required something more. Follow her from her escape from Africa to America in “A Long Walk to Georgetown.”

Carl– You’ve been searching for a missing friend for days. How long would you continue to search? One month? Six? A year? His friend disappeared, and no one seemed to know where he was. But he refused to give up, and after twenty years, he found his friend just a few exists south of Georgetown. Read about the search, the find, and a surprise bank account in “Looking for Juan.”

Craig– He was a young husband and father with only a short time to live unless he received a kidney transplant. The waiting list was long, and furthermore, not every kidney would be a match. Find out how a gift from a stranger not only saved his life but changed it forever in “The Unimaginable Gift.”

Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan CEO and President of the Texas Rangers, and former Major League Baseball pitcher
In sports, in business, and in life, it is the character of a person that counts. Genuinely, Georgetown is a fascinating collection of stories about people of character, perseverance and passion in the heart of my home state, Texas.
Dr. Kevin Leman
Dr. Kevin Leman New York Times Bestselling Author of ''Have a New Kid by Friday'' and ''The Birth Order Book''
Where there is trial, there is grace. Where there is victory, there is humble reflection. Alicea has taken the stories of the graceful and humble people of Georgetown and retold them in a way that will make you proud to be human.
Chet Garner
Chet Garner Host and Creator of ''The Daytripper'' on PBS
Genuinely, Georgetown is an eclectic and heartwarming mix of stories about the people who make Georgetown, Texas what it is. In my job, I’ve had the privilege of standing atop jaw-dropping vistas and eating some amazing food; however, both pale in comparison to the wonderful people I encounter along the way. Genuinely, Georgetown reminds me that it truly is the people that make a place special and makes me proud to call Georgetown home.
Steve Fought, Ph.D.
Steve Fought, Ph.D. Georgetown, TX City Council Representative, and former military pilot and college professor
A fun read about our town, Georgetown, and the people who make it unique. There are fascinating vignettes about people we know because they are in the local news, and equally delightful stories about people who may never make the news, but we might search out and meet. The personalities range from Mayor Garver, who does indeed leave a legacy of leadership and caring, to Meddy Tekle, a local merchant who came to America on a hope and a dream—and I would love to know more about how she went from sweeping floors at a 7-Eleven® to owning the franchise here in Georgetown. Maybe I will go down and ask her! Great stories about fascinating people and a wonderful long walk through our town.