Underdogs In Content

My favorite stories to write are human int178420999erest pieces about people who have overcome extreme odds and did something great with their lives. The woman who beat an otherwise fatal disease; the 17 year old who escaped from Ethiopia and now owns a large franchise in the U.S.; the bullied blind girl who survived high school. These are the kinds of stories I’d sniff out like a Beagle when I was a magazine editor.

Now, as a content marketing writer, I’ve been thinking about how I can transfer my love for writing these bootstrap stories into valuable B2B and B2C content. I am convinced there is a place for this kind of storytelling in branding. Companies such as P&G and Unilver apparently think so too.

“Thank You, Mom”/Olympics ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57e4t-fhXDs

Dove Soap/Girls’ Self-Esteem http://www.dove.us/Our-Mission/Real-Beauty/default.aspx

So here’s a few off-the-top applications I came up with for using underdog stories in content marketing writing:

1) Tell the rags to riches story of a brand’s CEO and how she/he is now giving back

2) Tell the story of a manufacturing company using their resources to help school-aged children in third-world countries

3) Showcase nonprofit volunteers who are giving back to the same organization that helped them

4) Highlight someone from an under represented group who has had success and exemplifies characteristics that mirror the brand’s mission

5) For baby boomer/health care-related brands, tell the stories of people who have medical issues but are “aging well in place” by incorporating good habits into their self-care routines

I would enjoy hearing how you might add to this list!

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